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Question Doctor seems stumped!

I am a 36 year old female with a list of symptoms and absolutely no idea if any or all of them are connected. My doctor has sent me for a few tests and after initially diagnosing me with Restless Leg Syndrome and trying a few meds, my symptoms grew and we are both stumped.

I get light exercise (45 min walk) regularly and eat healthy. I am a smoker and drink ocassionally.

I was hoping someone could help because to be honest I am over it and just want to know what on earth is wrong. Or to find a cause that makes sense, so my Doctor and I can explore remedies, even if it is to eliminate the cause. Symptoms as follows:

Hot feet - although not hot to touch, they feel like they are burning. They also swell when they are hot. There is not really any time of day or night that this happens, although perhaps a little more at night than day.

Shoulder pain - I awoke one morning and discovered that I had a pain in my left shoulder which I had assumed was a pulled muscle, until it did not go away, and then the right shoulder presented with pain also. It hurts to lift my arms above my head, reaching out for things and the pain seems to go from shoulder to arms, although I am confident that it is in the shoulder joints.

Hip pain - although constant like the shoulder pain, I often wake in the morning with pain in the hip not unsimilar to the pain in my shoulder.

Leg ache - from the knees to the ankles an achey feeling which (and this is perhaps when the doc decided it was RLs) makes e feel like I need to move them around and get more blood or oxygen to them, rubbing the muscle does relieve the pain somewhat. This ache is not constant and can occur at any time of day or night.

Arm ache - From the elbow to the wrist, also makes me feel like I need to rub or stimulate the muscle. Also get a slight tingly sensation. My hands also swell when I get this arm ache and my arms feel warm. It also makes me feel like my clothing is too tight around my arms and feel the need to remove sleeved clothing.

I started seeing a physiotherapist when I was getting headaches and feeling achey in my right shoulder blade muscle (dont know its name sorry). she discovered a knot which she has spend the last 6 months trying to remove and noted that my shoulder muscles were quite tight. This was happening prior to the start of the above metioned shoulder and hip pain.

I have had a nerve map done, where they electrocuted me around the lower legs and I was told that there was no damge to the major nerves.

My neck feels like it needs to be clicked back into place sometimes, I can roll my head, hear a click and it feels like there is less pressure, even tho the pressure was slight to begin with.

I have had numerous blood tests done, which did not reveal a lot apart from being told that I had inflamed blood. I do not know if this is still the case as it was about 12 months ago when I had the test and am not aware if this goes away on its own or not.

I have no idea if it gives any more of an idea but I also cannot kneel for long (this has been happening for years and years) because after about 1-2 mins my legs get tingly and start aching.

In the mornings sometimes I can wake and my whole back aches, but I had put this down to getting older, lol.

My jaw sometimes aches, which I do feels is due to my sometimes grinding my teeth when concentrating, but thought I would throw it in for good measure.

and I think that is about it. But if someone, anyone could shed some light on this I would so very much appreciate it. I am sick of waking up sore and achey. But I think what is harder to cope with is the fact that the list of symptoms get longer and I just dont have a clue.

Please help.

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