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Re: Doctor seems stumped!

Hi neen0

It seems like you may not have any acute illness, according to test results, but that some problems are developing, which may be rather simple to halt if you take action.

I found this info ~

You could have the beginnings of arthritis, and if so, most of what I wrote applies to dealing with it.

For sure, smoking definitely does not help one's body organs, bones, muscles, etc. The symptoms could be that you are in an early stage of developing liver, kidney or heart disease. Any of those can cause swelling of extremities. You may want to explore what you can do about blood inflammation, asap.
Nicotine is a major factor in causing inflammation.

Inflamamtion can affect internal organs very negatively, and may be causing arthritis and other symptoms you are having.

As for the neck, shoulder, & hip pain, that can be from lack of proper stretching, muscle tone, posture and/or life stress management. I would tend to think all of those contribute. You may benefit from deep tissue massage, hot tub soaking, and possibly chiropractic care (look for one that does not do neck cracking but does light back adjustments). Since you have 'knot" that this person cannot alleviate, I suggest that you find a different person to treat it. You should have wet heat compresses, ultra sound massage, etc, to get into the tissue so it can relax. I need several weeks of this kind of treatments about twice a year due to some permanent skeletal problems I have from an accident. Without this my body locks up. But if you to have no skeletal injury, you may also get relief from learning and doing proper stretching and might try yoga classes.

Any kind of drug uses up B vitamins very quickly, which feed the may want to supplement with B complex every day.

Muscular aching often is alleviated with taking magnesium, esp if you use a lot of dairy food or are taking calcium. That imbalance can wreak havoc with the soft tissue like muscles. Check with a health food store for info on a good balance for your calcium intake.

Let us know if you find any solutions.

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