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Arm lumps

So, about 3-5 weeks ago I started working out again. I've been using creatine in case that's of any importance. Maybe about a week or two in I started working on my forearms more. I noticed one day after a hard forearm workout that I had a small lump on the muscle. I didn't really think much of it. So I continued working the muscle for a few more days, then I noticed a smaller lump a little above the original one after I got done working out. I'm just curious what it could be. A couple people have told me that they've had something similar and all it is, is a muscle tissue build up that will eventually go away. I've continued working out and haven't got any new bumps that are noticeable, but when I do work my forearms the lumps are much more visible. They also stand out when I flex my forearm. They do not hurt and they're soft, I can push them down with my finger. Anyways, I'm just curious what this could be.

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