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Life is changing so fast...

I think whilst I'm online you are all sleeping on the other side of the Atlantic.

I have previously posted on a different message board because I'm waiting to see a neurologist to have a diagnosis. Twenty years ago at 23 I had a diagnosis of MS. I was 'unwell' for 8 years and didn't work for 3. Then I appeared to be well so asked for a further opinion; it was confirmed that I didn't have MS.

However, I had continuing problems with pain and fatigue which was diagnosed as fibromyalgia. In the last five years I have experienced a seasonal dizziness; last year I was referred to ENT but my ears are fine. This year the dizziness appears to have become a permanent balance problem. It's constant! Drives me batty at times! Anyway other symptoms which I have experienced before have all returned like a chorus! They seem aggressive and progressive. One symptom I am curious about though is the non-dilating pupils; I wondered if anyone has experienced this? It's very odd....

Also in your experience of MS am I having a relapse? Is this why everything is aggressive? I'm waiting, as I said to see the neurologist, so the other question is about treatments; without accessing treatment asap does it mean I am more likely that damage would be permanent?

Life seems to have changed very quickly which is disconcerting.

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