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Sinus Rinse Spray or Netti Pot?

I hope that this is posted in the correct area. I have been told that I probably have allergy problems but I've never been tested. I have usually one sinus infection a year but it's never at the same time of the year. I had one in June that was a doozy....bad coughing, actually thought I might have broken a rib. I went to the doctor, got some meds but it took about 2 wks. to completely get over it and the cough continued to hang on for a while. In August started getting another one but this time it was mainly just a nasal thing with congestion and drainage. Took about 5 days and then all was fine. Went on a cruise in September and on the last night of the cruise the same thing happened, about 5 days (all nasal) and then it was over. In September, went to see my mother-in-law and on the last day same thing again. Took about 7 days to completely get over that one.

I had decided to finally break down and get a Netti Pot but a friend said that the Sinus Rinse Spray was better. I bought it and started reading the info and am wondering if the Netti Pot is better. Does anyone have any experience or information that might help. I'm just afraid that I'm going to DROWN MYSELF with this thing......either of them. Suggestions?

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