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Re: How do I tell them?

Originally Posted by rosequartz View Post
I wouldn't turn my back on them at this stage in the game.....
8 months with a BF is not enough time to make a decision to move and get married. Why can't he get a job here and allow you to still care for them?
you're giving up everything for this man......I wonder if he'd turn his back on his parents for you.....and if he did, I'd have to wonder how good of a man he really was.....
the only other thing i can think of is to enlist the help of your siblings.....they should be pulling their weight in this situation too.
if assisted living is what's best for your parents, ok.....but I wonder if you're thinking of what's best for them at this point, or just what's best for you.
sorry if that's harsh, but you wouldn't be thinking of doing this if it wasn't for this man......and he may not turn out to be the prince you think he is after only 8 months......
also you have nothing but you're going to be 100% dependent on your new husband? that doesn't sound healthy.....
I think you're looking for him to rescue you......again not healthy
I get what you're saying. I AM thinking about what's best for me more than what's best for them...1st time in 7 years. Is there a compromise situation? My BF would definitely stay here and work if he could believe me. He has family here he would just as soon not leave.

Being that he HAS to relocate and we are in love I see it more as wanting to share and build a life with someone I love, more than to be rescued...although I can see how it would look that way.

Once I am not a full time caregiver I would be able to get a job and therefore not be 100% dependent on anyone...not my m.o.