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Re: Chronic sinus problems

Recently we had to take him to the emergency room and the dr there told him his sinus where so bad that this was causing his hearing loss and dizziness, but when we took him to a family dr., he rebuked the findings and sent him to a Ear/Throat specialist who then immediatly wanted to do a hearing test even though he had the xray from the ER showing his sinus where completely blocked. My husband has been suffering for 30 years and insist that they put tubes in his ears and help clear up his sinus. But they won't listen to him. They want to give him hearing ads. Its all about the $$$$

It sounds like you've had a bad experience, but it's not "all about the money" - the cost of hearing aids is nothing compared to what it costs to treat chronic sinusitis (which can involve expensive surgery, endoscopic exams, and ongoing care).

Second, an x-ray from the ER is not a very helpful diagnostic tool (unless by x-ray you actually mean a full sinus CT scan), and really wouldn't show sinus blockage very clearly.

You don't mention whether the ENT you visited performed an endoscopic exam, but I'm assuming he didn't based on your description.

Regardless of what has happened so far, your husband needs to see an ENT who specializes in chronic sinusitis (not all ENTs have the training and experience to treat chronic sinus disease), and needs an endoscopic exam so the doc can see if there are any blockages in his sinuses.

There are some excellent ENTs in Texas who specialize in treating sinus disease. In particular, Dr. Martin Citardi (University of Texas at Houston Medical School) and Dr. Pete Batra (Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas).

If those are too far to travel, let me know where you live and I'll try to find someone near the area where you live.