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Against Swine Flu but kid has Asthma...what to do?

I have read over and over again how the flu vaccines and the new Swine Flu vaccine can be bad for you in years to come and that a better alternative is to pump up your immune system with all good herbs and vitamins. I totally agree BUT......

What if you had a child with bad asthma. And you live in a small community where the swine flu has hit hard recently. Do you start them on Vitamin D, C etc...NOW and hope they don't get the swine flu? I'm leaning towards just getting her protected and choosing the lesser of two evils. But it's heartbreaking to me, not sure if I am doing the right thing either way. Terrible position to be in.

After reading all the posts about the negativity of vaccines (specially the swine flu one), I wonder if any of these people are or have children who have conditions such as asthma and would still obstain from the vaccines if they were put in the position to choose to vaccinate or not.

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