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I was very interested to hear the replies to this one!
When my husband and I married, we both had careers with about the same incomes. As a joint decision, we had children and I left my job (4 years and counting!). I have never looked back......However, I am often shocked to hear remarks that my husband makes from time to time---about me not "working". I have done both and I must say that it takes a lot to make a "HOME". It can be overwhelming. (household chores, school activities, music lessons, sports, dance lessons, church, volunteering, story! I had forgotten that I wasn't working!! ) I cherish the time with my children but I truly miss the adult conversation. I have a small home business and I have been continuing my education online after the kids are in bed. I know that your question was probably geared towards women who are not working at the beginning of a relationship but I did want to add my story. It is important to discuss these kind of future plans when you are thinking of starting a family. It was difficult to adjust to half the income but I am so thankful to be able to not get updates on my children's lives from a child care provider!