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Bug Bite Like No Other

Hello all,

I was just wondering what could have caused this bite I have on my leg, and what I should do for it.

The Bite:
It is on the inside of my left knee and about an inch and a half wide. It is completely round, and VERY red. It hurts really bad, and itches a little. It feels like there is pressure built up inside it (almost like a pimple). Upon further examination I found that the bite had what looked like a center it in, so I squeezed it gently and out popped a bunch of puss. (Yuck). The puss was yellow and milky and the release of the puss only made the bite hurt more.

How it happened:
I don't know.. While I was sleeping maybe? I noticed the bite two days ago and it has not gotten any better.

I am terrified of spiders... So PLEASE say that it was just an innocent bug and not some nasty eight legged creep. But I'm not sure what I should do for it. I don't want to waste medical resouces unless needed. Should I see a doctor for this bite? Or is there something I can do for it at home?

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