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Arrow Re: Very Painful Cramps in the Neck, Throat and Tongue

I also suffer this occassionally... absolute staggering pain in the throat after a yawn, you can't swallow, can only shallow breathe and you are scared ********.. you feel like crying you're in so much pain but if you did, it would hurt too much. It hurts to talk.

The two times that it's happened this year has been when I've yawned while on a funny angle.

I think it 'pops out' a muscle and causes extreme pain for hours until the muscle is 'popped' back in. Although on previous threads people can hear the 'pop' when it goes back to normal but I never have. You also cannot stop producing saliva, but it's too painful to swallow it.

The last time it happened, I wanted to cough so much but couldn't because it was too painful so it was an absolute agonizing time. Anyway, at some stage during that particular spasm, I couldn't hold back a yawn, and I was lucky enough for that PAINFUL PAINFUL yawn to cause the muscle to go back to normal and I had immediate relief afterwards.

Tonight when it happened, same cause - yawned while lying on a funny angle. But this time I couldn't "yawn" it back. I went hunting on the internet for some solutions after lying in pain for about 30 minutes in bed trying to sit at just the right 'angle' and breathe at just the right depth so that I was not in too much pain. I came downstairs to find solutions online and many were commenting that they thought it was due to dehyradtion (which made sense to me today since I went without water when we were on a long drive for about 6 hours). So I tried to force down some water. I also saw that people said that they were able to 'pop' the muscle back in. I decided to take a bath - I put some Vaporub on my throat and sat in the room-temperature bath and just tried to find the muscle that was causing all this pain. Having both hands and comparing both sides of the throat and when I found the source, just kept rubbing gently in the sore areas. After the bath I had a shower (I know.. but I was still in pain.. and it wasn't a work night thank goodness!).. and at some stage throughout the shower.. bingo.. I was relieved, all pain was gone and I didn't 'feel' the muscle go back into place or anything. I don't know exactly what 'fixed it'.. was it the drinking of the water, was it the bath, was it the massage, was it the vaporub, was it the shower, or was it just time??

In any case, I thought I'd share, because I feel so good now that it's gone.. and one of the above might work for someone out there trying to find a solution to it 'right now'.

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