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Re: Checking in and had a very bad couple days

Originally Posted by digmusic View Post
Yeah, I can't decide which I'd rather have, a kidney stone, or opiate withdrawal. Kidney stones are more acutely painful, but opiate withdrawal is really so bad it's a toss-up.

So what are you gonna do, knowing that this is how you react without fentanyl? What if you run out sometime and have to go through this again? Is your pain so bad that you just need to stay on pain meds forever? That seems like a really tough call to make. I really feel for people with chronic pain. No one deserves to be in pain all the time, so maybe it's just something that you'll have to make sure you never run out of?
That is exactly what I was thinking about and discussing with hubby the other night, what if something happened, a breakdown in society or something unforsceen thing happen and I couldn't get the Fentanyl, Lord God, I don't ever want to go through that again.

I have 3 collapsed discs in my lower back and not a good surgery candidate.