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Re: belching

Thank you for responding. I do have haital hernia caused by acid reflux i was prescribed losec which i do take but i believe they give me gas. Anyhow i am belching non stop and it's coming from the esophagus, very disturbing. I do smoke and i do have coffee though only two a day, other than that anything i eat will do it and when i starve it's still happenning so it's kind of hard to pinpoit what is really going on. I did start kefir yesterday it is a bacterial culture that apparentlt is very beneficial to the stomach and intestines, let's see. I just had a little bit of lunch and washed it down with hot water, yuk! someone recommended that. I'm at the point where i am willing to try anything
i am so full of gas, it is annoying and embaressing. thanks
I will give the kefir a week to kick in and if that doesn't help i will definately try one of the meds you're suggesting though i believe they may be in the same family as losec but will definately check them out first.

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