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Re: belching

This is definitely something that will take you a little time to figure out how to deal with it best. It's not an easy cure to get rid of acid reflux or belching.

I take Prozac and oddly enough, it causes a lot of belching for me (a weird side effect). The belches would be painful at times and would almost not want to come out, and would come deep from inside, making weird sounds. I talked to my pharmacist about this and now they have me take my pill at night rather than in the morning. It helped a LOT. It seemed to react with food or even just water. It happened with anything I consumed after taking Prozac. This is not a common side effect, based on what they told me. Medications, different foods, and health issues (such as your hernia) can definitely cause this, as well as the acid reflux that can very well be part of the belching.

For now, try to recognize any patterns. Is it worse during any certain part of the day? Is it worse after eating or drinking? See if there are any patterns you can identify and then you can try to figure out ways that may help. Medications can definitely have to do with it too. I was having very uncomfortable acid reflux and kept vomiting in my mouth any time I leaned over or worked out, and my doctor recommended something like Prilosec... BUT I just tried a quick fix and got some chewable tablets that help immediately. They did help, but the main thing was taking my mediation at night instead. I also have to limit how much of certain foods I have. I can't have too many acidic foods in one sitting (like tomatoes, for example).

I have a sensitive stomach and some food senstivities, so I know that causes it for me too. Dairy products will do it, and many acidic foods. Even salads seem to do it! Sometimes I will drink a diet soda just so I can burp even more and get it all over with. It's a challenge, but I just try my best to find what works.