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Re: Lupus and H1N1

Hi TisJustMe,

I have had Lupus for 11 i'm sure you can relate to...I have my ups and downs and some days are better than others. I completely understand what you are feeling and your frustrations. I think when you or I as Lupus patients are bombarded with fear like what they are doing with the H1N1 scare, it is out of fear that we assume the worst. I feel frightened as well being on immuno suppresants and not being sure about the vaccination. What troubled me is when I went to see my Rheumatologist, they had said to get the non-adjuvented vaccine but then they changed their mind and said if it's not available to get the regular one that boosts your immune system. Because of fear...
I ended up getting the vaccination with the immune booster. I am currently monitoring how I feel and to be honest, not that great. I have a fever and feel very weak.

Another thing that troubles me is when people who know they are sick nad have H1N1 come in to work. Yesterday there was a woman who came into the office who had it, now I am not only paranoid that I could get it but today, I started having a fever.
All that to say...I understand what you are going through. Try and stay positive..I"m sure you will be fine and your son will see you live to an old age!
Take good care of you.