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Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post
The LP is only effective for 85% of people who are eventually diagnosed with MS. I have had 2 LPs with 20 years separation and I have never had a positive LP. The LP is just one "cog" in the process.

It is not uncommon for lesions to be overlooked. It takes a trained, experienced eye and it also takes luck in timing. I certainly realize the frustrations you have been enduring.

I will keep you in my prayers. Please know that many have been in the spot you are now. You are not alone.


I wanted to let you know that I had lesions overlooked on my first MRI. They only saw one lesion with my first MRI. It had been 7 months and I had not taken my follow up MRI they wanted me to take at 6 months. They did the second MRI then did a comparison of the 2 MRIs and said that I had 3 white matter lesions, they were all stable and you could see all 3 in both MRIs. I feel my odds at living a long and happy life are really high with MS. This lead them now down the path of MS. One difference between my first and second MRI is in the first MRI they did not use the sagittal flair technique, from my understanding the sagittal flair technique picks up more white matter lesions. I am learning to not allow my emotions to be heavily affected by testing because stress can cause health problems.

wishing you all happiness,


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