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Re: Behavior of mentaly retarded adults

My brother is 57 he has idiopathic mental retardation. He moved in with me 2 yrs ago after my father died. He has never had an issue with incontinence prior to my fathers death. He does not have the best hygiene but never just sat in stool. We have been to therapists and I went along with the idea it was depression. But, it is getting worse. He goes to an adult program 3 days a week. Together we tried cues,rewards,timmers for toileting. I finally gave up and put him in adult diapers since the adult care program was complaining so much. Thinking also he wouldn't like it, I was wrong. I have to drop him off now and pick him up because he smells badly. I have run out of ideas and my mother who has ALZ. also lives with me and when I get upset so does she. I have tried ignoreing it understanding any attention is good attention. Didn't work. I am at a loss at what to try. He has always been spoiled by my parents and he has a heart of gold. I just can't wrap my mind around him just sitting in stool until someone smells it and tells him to go change. If I did'nt know he could stay clean up to the time my father passed I would understand, But,I know he can do it. I promised I would take care of Jimmy. I plan on it. But, this issue has to be settled for me. So, I am looking for help.