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transitioning from bottle to sippy

Hello everyone, i was just wondering if anybody can give me any tips on switching my baby from formula in a bottle to a sippy... he is a pro at drinking juice from a sippy, but when i give him the formula in it, he doesnt drink as much as he should tho.. and i dont like just leaving him with a sippy full of formula for more than a few minutes because that just grosses me out... should i maybe cut back to like 4 ounces at a time and increase how often he has one? how much should he be drinking now?... guess it would help if you all new how old he he is ten months.. i really think it will be an easy transition, because i never let him lay down with a bottle, or fall asleep with one, i am just not sure how much to give far i have only replace on bottle a day with a sippy, and like i said he doesnt drink but 4 ounces out of what is normally (with a bottle 8).. im hoping my question actually got explained in there and i didnt just confuse everyone! any suggestions help! thank you!

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