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Re: transitioning from bottle to sippy

I wouldn't push it especially if he is only 10 months old. My twin boys wouldn't even drink out of a sippy until age 11 1/2 months. Also, when I did switch them, they wouldn't drink formula out of the sippy only whole milk. I think sometimes they associate formula with the bottle and it doesn't make sense to them that it is in a sippy cup. I wouldn't worry about it. You know that he will drink from a sippy, so that is one battle down. I would just wait until closer to 1 yr and then slowly switch him to the whole milk. Starting at 11 months you can start mixing formula and whole milk. At 11 months I started giving my boys a sippy with about 2 oz of whole milk in it each day. It took a week before they would even drink from it, but then at 11 1/2 months I went cold turkey and they havent missed the bottle or formula since. Hope this helps!!!