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Re: Behavior of mentaly retarded adults


You mentioned your brother goes to a day program, do they happen to have service coordinators or behavioral specialists? Does the day program or any other agency in your area provide supports for people with developmental disabilities? That may be a good place to start with trying to find an answer to the soiling issues your brother has. You also mentioned taking your brother to a therapist.

Is your brother able to verbalize what he is feeling in regards to your dad's passing? The soiling may be his way of dealing with the grief. The grieving process is different for everyone, regardless of abilities. In my experience, behavior, whether it is positive or negative, is the result of something (happiness, sadness, anger...etc) and a means of communication, especially for those who are non-verbal.

Has your brother been checked by a regular physician? I know you said this soiling started after your dad's passing, but could it possibly be medical in nature? He is getting older and he may not have as much control over his bowels as he did before.

You say you have tried cues, rewards, timers and such with no success. Sometimes, as in your experience, those things just don't work. I am sure you have, but what about praise when your brother does keep himself clean? I have found that encouraging the wanted "behavior" through praise can sometimes help curb the unwanted "behavior."

I don't know if my ramblings have been much help, but I hope maybe a little. I applaud you for what you are doing, taking care of your brother & ailing mom is a lot, but yet you are still willing to do it. BRAVO!!!


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