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Torn Meniscus Anyone?

G'day, I had a similar injury last year and only this year have gotten around to seeing a specialist and had an mri done. The mri showed that I have a torn meniscus. I also have a "Baker's Cyst" behind the same knee. The orthopedic surgeon I saw said that I need to have arthroscopic surgery to remove the torn bit of the meniscus. I have never had any surgery done and am wondering about all the consequences. My doctor told me that I would have to be off it and on crutches for six weeks. I own horses and live on a small rural farm in southern NSW Australia. I am the only one here to take care of my horses so being on crutches and not being able to use my leg will be a big hasell for me. I will have to try to at least feed and water them alone on crutches! Ugh! I hope I can pull that off without re-injuring my knee. I also have a dog that I usually take for walks every day and I love to swim. I am wondering about the recovery time, level of pain and also what level of physical activity I will be able to do after my surgery. I understand that a torn meniscus is a common injury that footballers suffer and that after their surgery they are able to continue their careers and keep playing. I hope the same is true for me. No! Not that I can play foot ball. I never was any good at that LOL!!! Just that I can still do the usual things I used to such as care for my horses, walk my dog and swim. I imagine that Swimming would be the best sort of exercise since it is non weight bearing and so less hard on the joints. Is that true? I have access to an Olympic sized swimming pool that I can use in the rural town I live in and am thinking I should take advantage of it this summer. Yep, it's VERY HOT AND SUMMER HERE IN OZ RIGHT NOW!!!! Today it's about 38c or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

I would love to hear from anybody who has had this same kind of injury and the surgery to correct it (take out the bit of torn meniscus cartridge) and how their recover went and if they were able to return to their usual actives afterwards.

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