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Hi again, Teresa... aren't animals especially wonderful... they do make one's life complete... we tried 3 times to have a dog when my kids were young.. but you know how puppies can be... rambunktious...and they always tripped me... especially when I was holding a baby.. so we had to let them go...which broke the kids hearts... better that than me on the floor all the time...I got around okay but you could knock me over with a feather...hahaha...but we always gave them to good families...
When our youngest daughter, at that time 13yrs, old brought a kitten into the house without my knowing... I just notice that the cans of tuna were dissappearing faster than usual..and I was the only one that ate tuna because I'm always on a blinkity blank diet...I found the kitten after about 2 weeks when I went to put the girls clothes in their room.. which they usually did... I told them they would have to let her go... Well beg they did and I gave in... but told them.. If she trips me just once... out she goes... well believe it or not, we had Tanya for 14 yrs... and never once did she trip me... It was like she knew... and when the kids grew up and left home.. Tanya stayed with us until she got sick...Now you know the rest of the story.
We all have our storys... funny or sad.. and its good to share...It's nice talking to someone who is going thru the same thing I am going thru.. my friends really don't understand, even my doc doesn't understand.. so I tend to keep my pain to myself...This is a good site to talk... talk to you soon,
HUGS Dolores (Dodie)