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Re: c5/6 fusion nerve pain need help

Hello - welcome to this board. I have a couple questions - did you or are you wearing a collar after surgery? Did you have any problems with your incision? Is this the first cervical surgery that you have had? Do you have the text of your MRI? I am curious what they were correcting - did you have spinal cord compression?

I am glad to hear your original pain has resolved. When you started feeling better did you up your activity?

The burning when clothes touch you is not a great sign - especially if you did not have that before. There are some people who develop pain after a surgical procedure and it can progress. It is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - aka causalgia. I had some problems with this myself. Not saying you have it but giving you the information here to research and what signs to look for and see if it matches what is going on for you and in case it progresses. The symptoms of CRPS usually manifest near the site of an injury. It takes a long time to get it diagnosed. Because you have a radiculopathy at C7 (mine are at C4,5 and 6) you are at risk for developing this. Females are 3x more likely than males.

Your fusion may take up to a year or a little longer. Mine took 1 1/2 for full fusion. But I had a pretty good fusion going prior to the full fusion. You may be a case who doesn't fully fuse, it does happen. Pain associated with your fusion could linger for a long while. Fusion will cause lots of different things as you heal. Your posture is different, there are pressures in different places than before - your body and muscles all start working differently. Why did they block C6 instead of C7? Was it for your forearms? Sometimes you can get a false EMG positive but that is rare. Was the EMG done by a neurologist very experienced in them? Did they specifically say what part of C7 is damaged? They usually give you the muscles along with the nerve damage report.

Your neck probably feels brand new because even though not fused you do have instrumentation (I am assuming) and it is pretty sturdy and providing support.

To help you figure out where you think your pain is look up Dermatome Map and see how it maps to what your are feeling.

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