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Re: c5/6 fusion nerve pain need help

Hi, thanks for the reply. I give you little history of what happened and whats going on. I had the surgery on dec. 08. i wore a collar for 10 days and was released to work ib 3 weeks. I have a desk job. Soon as a woke up from surgery all my pain was gone. I felt great for about 6 weeks. I started increasing my activitiy and my nerve pain returned. From my neck down to forearm. Surgeon told me that the nerves were just waking up. Now that look back he was probably right. that pain last maybe 4 or 5 months. Around the 5 months mark i started developing new burning pain in both arms, shoulders, and chest. Also tingling in upper back. It started on 1 side and then spread to both. Gets worse with activity. ITs real weird because if i take my shirt off at my house my pain decreases by over 90%. I went to see a pain mgmt doc and she ordered a emg test and gave me neurontin. It takes the edge off at work and test said c7 nerve damage. Went back to surgeon and he ordered a new mRI which came back negativea at that level. He said the only problem is non union c5/6. Him and my pain doc both agreed pain is from non union at c5/6. He had me have a nerve block at c6 to see if that is were pain is coming from. It didn't help at all. i see him next week. I don't have a copy of my films and I never had any problems with my incision. Everytime i ask him how the fusion is coming he just said healing. But he also said since i am in extreme pain they might have to go in the back surgically. i just think this pain is from something else. I am going to get a copy of my mRI next friday.

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