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trouble eating

So, i have been having problems with esophagitis and mild gastritis for nearly 5 months now....came on overnight. I am convinced it started when weaning from my anxirty meds, but hard to prove. Anyways, i have been on many different ppi's to no avail and MANY side effects, although i am currently on prilosec 20 mg once a day which does nothing but i stay on it. i've recently been receiving acupuncture and eating a very healthy diet but something is odd. I will be "ok enough" to eat small meals and then eat one spoonful over and i will feel a muscle or something bulging, no burning really except for in my upper throat, etc. This horribleness will last a week or more and every bite i take is hellish, its like the food just wants to regurgitate. It makes NO difference if its tomato based or potatoes or an ensure, its the AMOUNT.

In the meantime of "healing?" my throat will feel itchy in spots way down there, like healing skin. I had my endoscopy in July and there were no ulcers at the time but after months of this i'm sure there are now. I don't currently want to find out b/c i feel devasted. I am giving this my all. I do NOT want to die from this.

Does anyone else have trouble eating? feel like food starts to come back up or something and you have to just keep swallowing? Similar stories shared would be greatly appreciated.

ps. I know what i'm going through isn't normal but i'm doing everything in the book, its trial and error and i am desperately trying to stop thinking of what damage lurks down there b/c it makes me cry.

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