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Re: My sinuses are killing me!

As a quick fix (especially for calming oneself), Get yourself some whitesage tea and sprinkle cayenne pepper in it. It immediately opens you up while thinning and reducing the mucus from your membranes. It also thins and reduces mucus throughout your entire body. Nothing seems to work as fast and calming as this relieving concoction.

Look up the health benefits of whitesage, as well, inorder to bring more serenity within what your drinking as your consuming this. I promise it will bring you relief. BUT, you will have a runny nose temporarily, but it should get better. Then repeat this once daily. I promise, it works. Stay away from sugar during these periods...And of course see your allergist NOT a general practitioner

Also, if your one of those who won't drink due to taste, buy some xylitol sweetner. Its a natural sugar alcohol that also acts as a natural antibiotic. Would also add benefit.

I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and allergic to dogs, trees, most grass, pollen, dust, and mold..never take any Rx and I feel 80% great. If you wish I can provide a link to all my natural remedies that naturally work with my body to build my immune system and take care of allergies. Health is always the number one answer

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