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What are the delusons carried into the Bi polar experience? Correspondence theory

The delusions you have in mania experiences are called correspondence theory. Please do a standard web search for reference. this arose about 2500 years ago as we began to evolve a perception of the world around us as having some structure. It dominates the thinking today in Philosophy and is rapidly breaking down in Cognitive science 2.0. There is a perception that over time has been reinforced until modern 20 century starting with Gottlob Frege that there was an objective reality that was independent from us that could be grasped and understood independent of biology not defined by our biology but defined by math. Math in and of itself is generated by our biology so this is purely illusionary if you look at it rationally. Frege and others at the time attempted to introduce this concept into culture and it really has been the dominate view in modern thinking until recently. This view has no contextualization in and of itself which makes it by logic circular. This reaches into religion as well and that isn't surprising since Western science arose from Religion and is very aligned philosophical with religion while denying how to describe reality. The sticker for Bipolar your surrounded by a world that lives in an illusion of an internal/external duality, this should be clear to bipolars. the core experience you have in many mania phases is the Amygdala re balancing so to speak, breaking down this illusion. The problem for bipolars they go into the experience and they perceive the experience independently from the experience due to this dualistic view. The mania experience should instantly be known by the Bipolar as soon as it hits as a chemical action in the brain much like LSD and have a plan in how to deal, such as going directly to bed, staying in contact with family and friends, taking sedatives if needed, but sleep is critical in these. But if the bipolar goes into it and loses sight of the here and now, it's purely biological then that is when the trouble starts. Correspondence theory is in the mania is perceiving the experience and at the same time independent from the experience. Learn to break that in your everyday life and then you are free to be who you were meant to be, and i dare say healthy bipolar are not stupid.

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