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Re: trouble eating

thank you guys this is HELLISH! I have weeks where its tolerable but weeks where any/all food is hard to get down. I don't even know what to do right now. When i call the dr's office they tell me i need to try another ppi (i've done this quite a few times now and they sometimes work in the begiining then stop and it gets worse). I know they can do more tests, blah. blah. blah but i am just soooooooooooooo burned out. I just want to eat some food, drink an ensure and its ok, you know? I just want to be alright. I have faith but its a dark part of the tunnel i'm in right now (physically). I am honest to goodness thinking of weaning off the omnaprazole (20 mg once in morning) to see if it is making me have a harder time digesting food? It feels like food just sits there and tries to come back up. In the mean time i am relaxing as much as possible and especially after "meals" and i just started dgl licorice and i'm doing the aloe vera gel juice.

ps. I am interested to hear more of your coming off meds story, i REALLY feel there has been a huge corelation with that and this gallbladder/esophagitis issues b/c it all came on so quickly. But of course the dr's think i'm crazy for ever thinking that. I think it subconciously puts my body under physical stress (the withdrawl) after being on them every day for 2 1/2 years now....yuck...i just want to survive this hell.