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Bone tumor/cyst

I was wondering if anyone has or knows someone that has dealt with bone tumors and/or cysts. I had an aneurmysal bone cyst removed from my left tibia in January, it came back and spread into my muscle in August and I had it removed, and now it has come back again 3 months after my last surgery. I find out Monday if it has spread into my muscle again too. Am I going to have to deal with horrible pain, not being able to walk without a brace and crutches, or perhaps not being able to walk at all forever? 3 major surgeries in one year is really getting to me. My leg throbs constantly and my knee aches, I'm terrified it spread into my knee and the muscles there, if it did I don't know what they will do! My upper tibia only has 2% of the bone left and your bone can only handle so much cement. I'm just looking for some hope that this will go away?!

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