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Re: Are our nasty sinus problems and Asthma misery caused by common household items?

From someone who is allergic to everything w/chronic sinusitis:

Everything you mentioned in your home would have caused me to suffer severely 2 years ago, when I decided to take control of my allergies, since they were keeping me from enjoying life.

Indoor is hard, but I'm not there very often.
-(Gym, running, yoga, student, employed). Exercise-100+ benefits added
-I sleep on an allergy proof mattress sheet/wrap
-I specifically searched for hard wood floor apartments
-Have a hepa filter
-Use netti pot once-twice daily
-Drink PLENTY of water, green tea, whitesage mint tea, cayenne peppered
water, warm water
-No sugar. Ever. Cutting it out was harder than I sought after to, but the
relief from mucus build up..dramatically out weighs sugar intake.
-Sugar substitute for xylitol. Natural sweetner as well as anti-microbial
-Water. Water, and then when your bored? Water. Get creative, healthy.
-Go for walks. Those are so much fun and great to get those membranes
-Yoga has really improved my circulation of blood and respiratory system
-You CAN do it, if not provide the relief you know and are most comfortable
with. Can always give pointers and ideas and advice here.
-Keep nasal membranes moist and clear of sugar or toxic garbage.

All of this plus healthy living-great multi and fish oil, has my allergies at bay. The kleanex box now lasts for several months, rather a day. It's a battle you have to fight, but this one you always finish better than you think.

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