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Genital warts please read and respond

Hey I'm 25 years old and I contracted what looked like warts when I was 18. I recieved them through my first partner and didnt find out that I had anything until 6 months later. I was scared and didnt go to the doctor and they eventually went away in a few months. I'm 25 now and have stayed out of relationships and until now at 25 I have found someone who I really like. I knew that I would be having sex with her, so I went to the doctor first told him about my situation and that I have not seen anything since I was a teenager and he said that I was not at risk to anyone at this point. He checked me out said I was fine and I ask him if was necessary that I told her and he said I didnt need to. I didnt want to because of the lack of education on the subject and it would freak her out, so I followed his advice and had sex with her thinking I am fine. I come on this board and all of you are talking about I'm at risk for life, but *****, my doctor and CDC says that the virus clears up on its own after a certain time... it may stat dormant, but i'm not at risk...according to my doctor. Its not that much different than chicken pox, so do i need to tell everyone i had chicken pox. I cant tell her now I had sex with her already and more than once. She is by my doctors stand point not at risk. I dont know what to do, i ask friends and they even said you are fine at this point. I just wanted see what you guys think about this because if yall think I should tell her then I might, but she will hate me for waiting after the fact, but I chose this becuase of the stigma behind HPV. Please comment and tell me what you think

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