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Re: my lower abdomen (pelvis) is extremely bloated what can cause this

I'm not sure how much help I'll be since I have no advice, but I think I am feeling some of the same things you are...only thing is I am not on the pill. But I also get the weird pressure/dull achiness/discomfort in my pelvis (I have it on both sides), and I feel bloating, but only really in the area of my abdomen below my navel, and always after eating and sometimes even when I get up in the morning. I also get the aches in my pelvis in addition to menstrual cramps...I get them before, during, and after my period. As far as clue where I stand, as I haven't weighed myself in months and my weight goes up and down a lot anyway (it usually fluctuates by 10 or 15 pounds...very weird).

Since you're young, I really doubt it's fibroids. And I worry about ovarian cancer too, but I think it's safe to say that if you had it for a year and it didn't get worse over the entire course of that year, it's pretty doubtful that it's cancer; cancer will get worse and totally wipe you out as far as energy if it's not diagnosed. Doesn't help when the symptoms of ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer are nearly identical, but cancer is a pretty small risk unless you have a family history of said cancer.

Anyway, I hope your doctor visit turned out well and you got some answers to your questions.