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Re: Genital warts please read and respond

I believe your chance of passing HPV on after not having a wart for 7 years is very small . . . but should you tell her? Read the thread titled "a huge mistake....but did he overreact?" Sure, it's probaly not necessary to tell her from a medical standpoint, but she will probably get ****** if she has sex with you and finds out later that you didn't tell her. It's true that that's mostly because of a lack of education about HPV, but I suspect women find themselves in this situation much more than men.

Telling her now is tough if you've already had sex. But there is a very simple solution if you come accross this situation again. Ask your partners whether they has received Gardasil! Tell her the reason why you are asking is because you had genital warts 7 years ago and there is a small possibility you can still pass it on.

Gardasil protects against 2 strains of HPV that cause 90% of genital warts (and another 2 that cause 70% of cervical cancer). If she hasn't, tell her to get it. This will make the possibilty of her developing genital warts very low even if you can pass it to her. And make sure she receives Gardasil, not Cervarix. Cervarix only protects agains the cancer strains (which is great, but not for your situation).

Good luck!

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