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Re: Genital warts please read and respond

If I tell her my relationship is over becuase I waited to tell her. We already live 3 hours away from each other and this relationship is new. I like her a lot and if the world knew more about hpv then i probably would be more likely to tell her. I asked my doctor if i was at risk even without condoms and he said no. He didnt say low risk... he said no risk. All viruses that we have in our body are what your calling a low risk. All viruses that you catch stay with you forever, but does that mean i'm going to pass the flu to her seven years later? No i'm not. Why freak her out about this when its not necessary. I posted this message on another health board that has a doctor that responds and a situation just like mine occured and he said that the kid was not at risk after the warts are gone and if you have not seen them for five years there gone. Someone responded to my post on the other site and they said i was not at risk as well, so who do i believe? I dont know when i read messages from this forum i feel like a bad person and i have done something wrong, but i just followed advice.Yall say this and they say that, so I am stuck here feeling confused. If I did tell her i wouldnt know where to go for information because its so unorganized. i'll be driving down to see her this weekend. its her birthday and i'm staying at her house with her family. I need to make a decision about this and still cant. i just know if i did tell her and after the fact it will be over she wont trust me and back in the dumps for me, even though i didnt put her at risk according to my doctor. What to do?