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Re: Genital warts please read and respond

In all honesty, you probably should have just told her prior to having sex. I basically went through the same situation (read the I made a mistake post) but I have high risk HPV not the wart causing kind. I too was told by my doctor that it was not necessary to tell b/c the high risk HPV does not really do anything to men who pick up the virus Not disclosing the info caused me to lose my relationship I was in. I don't think it's too late for you to do something. I would come clean with her, explaining that you had the virus 7yrs ago and that your MD told you that you are of no risk and haven't had a wart in 7yrs as well. She will probably ****** that you waited until after having sex to tell her, but I fully believe that women are more understanding and more educated about HPV than men. Is she 25 as well? Older? Younger? If she is your age or even a few years older, and has been sexually active in the past, she might have already dealt with HPV before, or has friends who have had it and knows about the virus. At any rate, I would tell her sooner than later, just in case by some small chance she develops warts. And like people posted to me on my did I make a mistake post......if she breaks up with you because of the issue, whether it's because you had warts, or because you didn't tell her sooner, than she isn't the right girl for you to be with. I hope your situation works out better than mine did............