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Re: My sinuses are killing me!

Hi, I am sorry you are feeling so rotten. If it's any concellation I am dealing with the same thing. I just did 2 rounds of z paks for a sinus infection and a cold that ran for 3 weeks from Oct into Nov. and now a couple of weeks later I have sinus pressure again. I am so frustrated and I hope and pray its not the sinus infection returning. I have chronic allergies year round. I do allergy shots every friday and I take sudefed and zyrtec. I have this weird pressure on the left side of my face that goes up to my left temple. It doesn't really hurt so much as it just feels like pressure on one side. The doctor says we have sinus's that go up by the temple too. I have panic and anxiety disorder too and I hate that I have that. So I am sitting here wondering if I have a brain tumor. Does anyone worry like me like this? I feel like a freak and I hate having this problem. I am just telling you that you are not alone.