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Re: Diagnosed with addisons may also have lymes disease please help!!!

the doctors started me on a course of antibiotics today even thou my test result came back clear but they only tested me for the boreillo virus and nothing else, my concern is ... is a months course long enuf seeing how i have many nuro problems going on as well as being diagnosed with Addison's also have connective tissue disorder don't know where this appeared from, also have been tested slightly positive for Lupus but they say i have not got this...(its all so confusing) i am so fed up of feeling poorly not just the normal average poorly , that i could cope wiv but i am finding everyday living such a struggle and feel i have no where to turn or that no one is interested (meaning the medical people) they seem to have just given up , this i am finding hard i just want a normal life again ... does any one else feel like this ... if so how do u cope ...please help any advise would be grateful ....

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