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Re: Diagnosed with addisons may also have lymes disease please help!!!

after having it for nearly 2 years now i think, and as i am suffering with many noro problems now slurred speech, memory fog, extreme fatigue, connective tissue disorder , the list just goes on and on , and the pain some days is horrendous and unbearable. does anyone else suffer with extreme pain? As i am not sure if this is linked to the Lyme's or the Addison's disease.....

My big concern is, Would only a three week course of Ab be enuf ,as i have read it can take a lot longer to get it out of your system the longer u have it go undiagnosed... i am frightened that after 3 weeks many of or more problems will arise again, if i don't have a long enuf treatment...

i have been ill for a very long time now and I'm so frightened, some days i don't even know how i get out of bed, let alone trying to bring two young boys up all by my self, i feel guilty they are suffering cos i can know longer do the things with them that i use to, This does upset me, as its not only effecting me it effects my children too in so many other ways....
To be honest it really does scares me that life will never be quite the same again...

well to be honest it wont ever be near normal, considering i have Addison's disease as well, as well as many other auto immune diseases going on now ... I'm so scared frightened and feel so exhausted all the time i would pray, and do anything to just have one normal week again and to have a sort of normal life back, this wld be like a gift from god and I'm not a christian but i do believe miracles can happen , I'm not giving up with out a fight... I'm sure u and many others can understand this, as im sure this is all we wld all ask for in life...even just one normal day wld be fantastic, for me and my boys: angel:

My life has changed so much so fast in such a short space of time i think that's is the most scariest think of all....One valuable lesson i have learned is life is precious, i now cherish everyday every minute with my boys.
what i am scared of is that my doc will only give me a 3 or 4 week course.. The one thing that does concern me and worries me, is it true if u don't get enuf AB the condition can come back worse and with new symptoms...

one thing i do I do know, having Addison's and being on steroids can really aggravates Lyme's disease in a not very nice way..

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