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My results are in- Doc says I'm "normal." Why am I still exhausted then???

I just got back from my follow-up visit with the endocrinologist. I waited more than a month to see her and ended up taking another day from my classroom and hiring a substitute teacher for my students. I know as much now as I did a month ago- a YEAR ago for that matter. I don't know where to turn next.

She said everything was "Normal" and could offer no advice or explanation for why I sleep 12+ hours a day, am still exhausted, have no libido, and no desire to do anything I used to consider fun.

She said that my morning Testosterone level of 334 was "normal" and that it "varies according to the time of day. She also called my afternoon Testosterone level of 225 "within acceptable range." VERY reluctantly, she prescribed t-gel but ONLY at my absolute insistence. She warned that it could cause side-effects relating to sleep apnea and prostate cancer.

She says that my TSH, LH, and FSH are all "normal." I am not "hypo" according to her. (My mother IS hypothyroid and has taken meds for it for the last 30 years.)

I am SO FRUSTRATED and so sad right now. I feel that I have gone back to square one again and I don't know where to turn for help. I've been seeking help with the exhaustion and sleeping since last January. I want to cry.

I will list my blood results once more- perhaps someone can offer advice. I am just lost:

Testosterone [on 11-10-09] (morning) 334 (Ref. Range 240 - 830)

Testosterone [on 11-3-09] (afternoon) 225 (Ref. Range 240 - 830)

Testosterone (TFB) [on 11-3-09] 306 (Ref. Range 240 - 830)

Testosterone, Free 58.1 (Ref. Range 46.0- 224.0)

Testosterone, Bioavailable 122.1 (Ref. Range 110.0- 575.0)

Sex Hormone Binding 19 (Ref. Range 9- 45)

Intact PTH 46.6 (Ref. Range 14.0- 72.0)

Calcium 9.4 (Ref. Range 8.6- 10.3)

Phosphorus 2.7 (Ref. Range 2.8- 4.6)

FSH 3.7 (Ref. Range 1.4 - 18.1)

LH 3.6 (Ref. Range 1.5- 9.3)

Cortisol 16 (Ref. Range 3- 16)

IGF-I Serum (Insulin Growth Factor) 131 (Ref. Range 86- 220)

Prolactin 7.2 (Ref. Range 2.1- 17.7)

Growth Hormone <0.1 (Ref. Range < OR = 10.0)

ACTH Plasma 19 (Ref. Range 7- 50)

Thyroperoxidase AB <1 (Ref. Range 0- 8)

Albumin 4.6 (Ref. Range 3.6- 5.1)

TSH, Sensitive [on 10-28-09] 1.55 (Ref. Range 0.3 - 5.0)

TSH, Sensitive [on 12-30-08] 2.33 (Ref. Range 0.3 - 5.0)

TSH, Sensitive [on 5-7-08] 1.93 (Ref. Range 0.3 - 5.0)

T4, Free 0.9 (Ref. Range 0.9- 1.8)

T3, Free 2.8 (Ref. Range 2.3- 4.2)

Ferritin 67 (Ref. Range 27- 300)

If anyone has ANY advice I will gladly take it. I don't know where to turn now except the sofa once more

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