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Re: My results are in- Doc says I'm "normal." Why am I still exhausted then???

Originally Posted by javelina View Post
Argh, another bad endo story. I really should write a book...

I'm not up on all the sex hormone stuff but I do know that if you are hypo all the other stuff will suffer as a result. And you ARE hypo with those labs. Your FT4 is sitting right on the bottom of range and your FT3 is only at 26% of its range. You're barely making enough storage hormone and your FT3 should be up near the top of it's range. No wonder you're sleeping all the time.

The fact that your endo didn't understand how to read labs correctly and is essentially asking you to wear a size 8 shoe when your size is really a 10 is both sad and very frustrating. All you can do is try to find a doc who can put two and two together with your family history, your debilitating symptoms and your obviously hypo labs. Keep looking and post for suggestions or referrals. Sorry this is so hard, but for what good it does, you certainly aren't alone!
Thank you- I know I am not alone but I FEEL utterly alone. I slept most of my 4-day Thanksgiving weekend away and I have even found my wife in tears over this. She says she "feels like she has lost her friend" and I have to agree that I have "lost" myself as well. I find that I now wake in the night and that I'm relieved if it is still dark out/pre-dawn. I DREAD waking hours because they just mean exhaustion and sadness.

I WILL keep looking for another doctor but I simply don't know how any longer.