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newbie with LSIL- lots of questions!

Okay, so I have just gotten an abnormal pap back with an LSIL diagnosis ... I am living in Europe and my doctor isn't very helpful. She says come back to get tested (another pap) in 6 months. And won't check for whether it is a high risk HPV (maybe in May)... and indeed,never said anything about HPV, I am just guessing from what's come back on a google search with LSIL

I have read on this forum that you can't really pinpoint the time of infection, is that true?

I was in a monogamous relationship for 19 years, and he was my only partner ever-- though my ex was not faithful, and had had partners before me. I Just began sexual activity again this year ... and have had two partners.

I have two questions:
1. COuld I have developed LSIL in just a few months time? Is that likely? Even possible?
2. If not likely, and probably came from my ex, will I have probably infected my more recent partners?? Does LSIL mean a current infection, or simply that I was infected sometime in the past?

I have been under a lot of stress with the long, drawn-out divorce, and assume this has suppressed my immune system ... but also began oral contraceptives 20 months ago (ex was against my using them); and have been surrounded by second hand smoke for ever and ever ... perhaps some risk increase there?

In any case, I really am wondering if I need to go back and tell my 2 past partners that I may have infected them -- or wonder if one infected me.

Thoughts/answers GREATLY appreciated. thx!

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