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Re: NeilMed Sinus Rinse

I think the regular saline rinses might be better for you in this case. Perhaps it's a preservative or additive in this particular product that's the problem. I know that somesaline sprays have preservatives and I can't use those.
NeilMed's SinusRinse is just a "regular" saline rinse. It contains no preservatives and the mixture is salt and sodium bicarbonate that matches the body's salinity exactly.

In all likelihood, if someone is having issues it's either because they're rinsing using too much force, water that is too cold (which commonly causes headaches), or the water they're using contains chemical irritants like fluoride and chlorine.

By the way, the pre-mixed bottles of AYR contain a very controversial preservative called benzalkonium chloride that is suspected of causing cilia dysfunction in the mucus membranes of the nose. Almost all pre-mixed saline product contain benzalkonium chloride which is why many doctors recommend products like SinusRinse and others that you mix at home (and which don't contain any preservatives).