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Re: Balloon Sinuplasty vs. Sinus Surgery

Hi there,
I feel for your sister! I suffered for years with chronic sinusitis and spent the better part of my 20's not being able to taste or smell anything. I wanted to respond because I have undergone both procedures--I had the traditional sinus surgery several years ago (Jan 2003), and more recently, the balloon sinuplasty surgery (May 2009). After the traditional sinus surgery, it took me several weeks to recover and feel *normal*. I had a lot of discomfort and didn't get much guidance from the physician regarding follow-up care (i.e. saline rinsing) so I had some unpleasant experiences with scabbing (yuck). It was a real let-down when, several months after the surgery, I seemed to be right back where I started: miserable. This year, however, I had the balloon sinuplasty with my new ENT--what a difference! My recovery period was around 3 days. It was night and day with the traditional surgery. I had hardly any discomfort (the normal post surgery swelling but nothing like the previous surgery). And my doctor was wonderful with the follow up. I have a toddler now so it was really important to me that I not be bedridden for weeks and I was so pleasantly surprised! I was able to run around after her just a few days after surgery. I did get a sinus infection recently (unfortunately no surgery will prevent you from getting them) but the good news is my passageways remained clear. I was still able to smell, taste and enjoy my daughter. I had a follow-up with my doctor just last week and everything looks great!

I hope that helps. Please feel free to email me with questions and I'll let you know my experience.