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Re: NeilMed Sinus Rinse

The water I am using is treated water (soft water). Would that make a difference?
Yes, that could make a BIG difference (although first of all, I should have confirmed that you are adding the contents of the blue SinusRinse packets to your irrigation mixture every time you irrigate?) If you're not using the mixture in the packets, or are using the green packets, that could explain your problems.

Back to the soft water question - most water softening systems use salt (sodium) as part of the softening process and, depending on how hard your water is to begin with, the amount of sodium in your water, combined with the sodium in the NeilMed packets, can produce a hypertonic saline solution (which is a fancy way of saying that the saline solution has a higher salt content than your body does).

Hypertonic irrigation tends to dry out the sinuses and pull water out of the tissues, which can make your sinuses feel more dry and open than they should be (for some people hypertonic irrigation is a good thing, which is why NeilMed actually sells the green packets, which contain a mixture for a hypertonic solution).

It is possible that the sodium in your soft water, combined with the mixture in the blue NeilMed packets, is creating a hypertonic saline mixture when you irrigate and that would cause exactly the symptoms you're describing. You might try irrigating with distilled or filtered water from the grocery store (doesn't need to be anything expensive, just not softened).