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Re: Sudden urge to urinate and other things

Hi there,
My best guess with the pressure and bloating could be some constipation. I know that whenever I am constipated - which can be very frequent (I even tested for Celiac's), I get the extreme urge to annoying. Do you ever feel a mass or gas bubbles? You don't necessarily have to have pressure in your rectum.
If you're not having pain when you pee, then it's probably not a UTI. I can tell you from experience that you may want to research Interstitial Cystitis. This is known as painful bladder syndrom. I received this diagnosis last year. You can feel lots of pressure in your abdomen, urge to urinate frequently but no pain. I hope you don't have this though and just some odd fluke thing. It's not fun.
I hope I've helped you somewhat. Also - avoid cranberry juice/caffeine - it can inflame the bladder.
Take Care,