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Re: Just need a little support...

I understand completely how you feel. My mother had her 70th birthday party a couple of days ago and also my sister. They where both fussed over and I was so happy for them but I have been thinking about my 50th birthday coming up next month and I feel that there won't be much of an exciting day for me. I have been in pain now for over 8 years and your friends and relatives seem to loose interest in your problems and suffering and I am thinking that as it is a milestone for me to have got this far, I would love to have a big party. But I know it will not happen. I have no friends to ask and relatives are really just not into me anymore. I can't stay out for longer than a couple of hours so I probably won't even bother going anywhere. I am sure mum will make a cake for me but it will be a very quiet one. Not like they used to be. Out for drinks or lots of presents I don't think so.
So I think it will just be another day of pain and suffering. I might have to even come here to share my depression. Sorry about that, I am so down at the moment, just more and more pain.
I wish you a happy birthday anyhow. Allan