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Re: Just need a little support...

Thank you for your birthday wish it means so much to me as does your post. For that I am grateful to you and wish you in advance a very happy 50th birthday, it is a milestone. I don't know how long you have been suffering with the pain but to get to 50 is a big deal. Every day is a struggle and it feels like more than one day. Some days feel like a whole week. I understand your longing for the way you used to celebrate because I feel the same way, and a birthday tends to be a different day for a lot of us with CP. If you need to feel better on your day come out here and let us know. Holidays, birthdays, family events are all difficult for us. Is there anything that you like to do that you can do that would bring you some joy? A cake with your mom doesn't sound bad, I didn't get a cake LOL, I know it should be more and you want it to be more and you know that it can't and it hurts, makes your heart ache. My wish for you is that it turns out to be a better day than you imagined. That you have some unexpected surprises from others or within yourself. Ask your guardian angel to have one day where the pain isn't so bad, just to enjoy your big birthday. My heart goes to you, I know how you feel and what you are going through. Smile at least because I said you made me feel better even though you are almost a world away.