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Re: Please help with unusual malady: extreme noise/visual irritation.

Hello, I know I'm late on this thread but your personal sruggle (Rsingleton) has been nearly IDENTICAL to my own. I'm replying to thank you for helping me realize I am not a "freak" and not alone. I googled the words "OCD noises rage" and lo and behold I've found what I'm looking for. I found several sites and blogs that describe loudness and hyperacusis....but nothing explaining or describing a disturbing visual aspect associated with immediate discomfort and rage.

My irritation level has spiked as of late, and it's affecting me to the point where my family members are eating upstairs or eating in fear to avoid my comments and mood alterations. I am also experiencing distress even when I, myself eat or make certain noises. (Slurping coffee, cereal, spoons hitting bowls, etc etc. (I've criticized my mother for "playing with her food" because she does what you described your father to do---scraping hte bowl a million $%#@! times to get every last bit of food!)

I turn the tap on full blast in bathrooms to avoid hearing those horrible sounds, and I crank music during meals. People notice and life has become quite difficult.

I'm really hoping that Misophonia/4S will lead me to SOME kind of treatment. Thank you for your post!!!