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Smile Re: Please help with unusual malady: extreme noise/visual irritation.


I am sensitive to sounds and even my own body noises and cannot stand to use ear plugs because I hear my heart thump, thump, thump. Stress exacerbates the sensitivity, so as much as we try to ignore stressors the worse it gets. Obviously we can't make the whole world and our own bodies shut up. WE can make ourselves more nervous and stressed by trying to stop the irritators and the irritations. There are solutions, though! In every case of out of control sensitivity, we must help ourselves, which is why no one outside of ourselves can fix us.

Drugs taken to supposedly lower reaction to stressors often have side effects as bad as the sensitivity, and they use up B vitamins that are need to feed the nerves and make the nerves relax. The solution, I found, is two-fold. We need to learn and daily practice deep relaxation techniques (what will work is different for every person), and to feed our nerves. B is a delicate vitamin group that needs to be balanced by the other B vitamins, and can be easily taken in a balanced form in brewer's yeast, or taken by pills called B-100 or B-50

No matter how well we eat, everyone that does not regularly eat raw whole grains every day (which includes probably most people) is vitamin B complex deficient, and it is B vitamins that feed the nerves. Vitamin B is non toxic and does not store in the body. It is water soluble so that whatever is not used for the day is washed out of the body in urine, and also the day's stress, drugs, and non-foods that we eat use up whatever B we have eaten, very quickly. B vitamins are destroyed by heat, so if it is in anything that is cooked it is rendered useless.

Under extreme duress one may easily be unable to assimilate B complex vitamin pills and we may need to start with B in its natural balance from a natural food, such as brewer's yeast (available in bulk from health food stores). It will over a few weeks time reduce irritability and sense sensitivity. It starts relaxing the nerves the first day it is taken and the effect grows the longer it is taken. Relaxed nerves absolutely do handle everyday noise and stress easily. You won't get taught this by a doctor.

If you can assimilate B complex in pills (you would feel your body relaxing after several day), great. When stressed it affects my digestion, so I need to use brewer's yeast. It has an overwhelming taste so I add it to apple or orange juice or some like it in water. To avoid a harmless gassy effect on the intestines, start with 1/4 teaspoon twice a day for a week or so, then work up to one well-rounded teaspoon of brewer's yeast a day.

When your digestion is good, take B complex pills as suggested on the bottle.
B vitamins decrease pain sensitivity, and healed nerves handles everything better! I need my brewer's yeast, right now!

Let me know if you try this...I hope you do!

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