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Re: Dyslexia?

< edited > I have done a study of my own reading disorder for the last 20 years because I reads and write in the perfect mirror image.
everything appears Backwards to me. my visual condition is called strephosymbolia which means in translation strepho(twisted) symbolia (symbols) Twisted Symbols , their is no known cure for this so i have had to addapt to the use of a special computer system that supports a mirrored screen.

if you are confused with lower case letters i.e. db bd qp pq then this may be a sign of disgraphia (confustion with graphics) of letters try this little trick : with the use of a sharpie black flow pen on thin paper, write down your name letting the ink bleed through the paper , then flip it over in the horizontal , do the same with numbers and see if the text is harder or easyer to read , if it is easyer to precieve in the mirror backwards image then this is the only test to prove to yourself that you have this type of dyslexia.
we know how you must feel because we have been there and done that already

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